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Temperature and lubrication problems in the production process of straight seam steel pipe

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In the process of producing straight seam steel pipes, the temperature must be strictly controlled, to ensure the reliability of welding. If the temperature is too low, it may cause the welding position to fail to reach the temperature required for welding. When most of the metal structure is still solid, it is difficult for the metals at both ends to penetrate and bond together. At that time, when the temperature was too high, a lot of metal in the welding position was in a molten state. The texture of these parts was very soft and fluid, and there might be molten droplets. When such metal drops, the same There is not enough metal for interpenetration. And when welding, there will be some unevenness with the weld to form a molten hole. Therefore, manufacturers of integrated sewage treatment equipment remind them that the temperature must be strictly controlled during the production process of longitudinal welded pipes. Regular manufacturers have very advanced control technology, so in the process of production, the temperature control requirements can be realized to ensure the product, so we need to buy straight seam welded pipes from regular manufacturers.

Thermally expanded straight seam steel pipes are mostly around 1200°C, and the temperature is slightly lower when the carbon content and other alloying elements are more. The key to the heating operation of straight seam steel pipes is to minimize the amount of scale. Especially in hot extrusion, the requirements for 16Mn straight seam steel pipe are more stringent in terms of tool life and appearance of the extruded pipe. In the production process of 16Mn straight seam steel pipe, since the processing is carried out in a hot state, the heating operation is a very important process for determining the finished product. Straight seam steel pipes such as furnaces for heating, according to their effect, residual stress caused by uneven cooling. Residual stress is the internal self-equilibrium stress without external force. Hot-rolled steel sections of various sections have this kind of residual stress. Generally, the larger the section size of the section steel, the greater the residual stress. Although the residual stress is self-equilibrium, it still has an influence on the performance of the steel member under the action of external force.

If the welding temperature of straight seam steel pipe is not well controlled, it may have adverse effects on deformation, stability, and fatigue resistance. It is divided into two types: heating furnace and reheating furnace; the former is used to heat the blank from normal temperature to processing temperature; The latter is used to reheat the blank to the necessary processing temperature during processing. Improper heating of the straight seam steel pipe will be the cause of cracks, folds, and eccentricity on the inner or outer surface of the tube blank.

There are many ways of straight seam steel pipe heating furnaces, but the probation heating furnace is used. This heating furnace has a ring-shaped furnace bottom, which can be slowly transformed. The billet is loaded from the entrance along the diameter of the furnace bottom, and it can be heated and uniformly heated to the specified temperature once it is reversed and used at the exit. A kind of stove. The key to this heating operation is to uniformly heat the billet to a temperature suitable for processing. Since the perforation has a great influence on the material, that is to say, the temperature during the perforation process is an important condition of influence, it is generally necessary to control the temperature of the blank during the perforation process.

In the production process of straight seam steel pipes, a product needs to be used for cooperation, that is, glass lubricant. Before using glass lubricant, it was produced with graphite, because there was no such product in the market at that time. Therefore, graphite can only be used as a lubricant, but after long-term use, everyone will find some problems, that is, the heat transfer efficiency of graphite is very high, and the heat insulation effect is also very poor. In this way, the temperature of the mold will become very fast, which will easily cause the wear of the straight seam steel pipe, so that the product cannot be used for a long time. Therefore, manufacturers have been looking for a product that can replace graphite, that is, glass lubricants, but why use them, it is because there are many advantages to the trolley furnace, first of all, the heat transfer efficiency is relatively low, so that it can Play the role of heat preservation, but also can prolong the service life of the equipment.




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