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The advantages of cold-rolled tube

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Cold-rolled tube refers to steel product that is through cold drawing, cold-formed, cold drawn, cold plate or strip processed at room temperature.

The advantages of the cold tube:

1,good quality. Cold drawn tube production principle is a stretch, from the shortage of pipe to finished tube to pull at least 3,4 Road, more than a dozen waste pipe continuously variable length, thinning of the material internal defects which inevitably extended organization loose structure; cold-rolled tube production principle is compressed, so that the waste pipe longer, thinner, thereby increasing the compactness of the material, another advantage is that good surface quality, dimensional accuracy.

2, high production efficiency. By the material pull the scalability limitations, each deformation is not too much, otherwise you will pull off, pull the break, the general deformation control in about 25%.

3, low cost. Cold drawn on a needs annealing, pickling, on a gray, dry, (sometimes also need straightening), a pass to go two days, but the cost increased by 200 ~ 300 yuan, cold rolled pass to reduce not only to shorten the production cycle, and eliminates the need for repeated annealing, pickling, on a gray,drying the material and labor costs, the cost of in this area compared with cold-drawn, you can lower half, or even more.




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