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The difference between cast steel flange and forged steel flange

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The cast steel flange has an accurate blank shape and size, a small processing amount, and low cost, but has casting defects (pores, cracks, inclusions); the internal structure of the casting is poorly streamlined (if it is a cutting part, the streamlined form is even worse);

Forged steel flanges generally have lower carbon content than cast steel flanges and are not easy to rust. Forgings have a better-streamlined shape, denser structure, and better mechanical properties than cast steel flanges; an improper forging process will also cause large or uneven grains, hardening cracks, and forging costs. higher than the cast steel flange.

Forgings can withstand higher shear and tensile forces than castings. The advantage of castings is that they can produce more complex shapes and the cost is relatively low; the advantage of forgings is that the internal structure is uniform, and there are no harmful defects such as pores and inclusions in castings; difference between cast steel flanges and forged steel flanges from the production process, For example, the centrifugal steel flange is a kind of casting steel flange.




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