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The Practical Significance of Steel Pipe Technology

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(1) Enhance industrial manufacturing capacity and save energy and resources. At present, the development trend of seamless steel pipe reducing technology is more product varieties and higher steel pipe quality, which is not only reflected on the higher product dimensional accuracy but also the good product organization performance. The performance of the metal is affected by many factors such as its chemical composition, organizational morphology, and temperature. When other conditions are the same, mental performance can be increased by 20%-40% only by grain refinement, and the effect is very significant. In the current era of energy shortage and resource shortage, the metal structure and grain sizes can be controlled by controlling the processing process to achieve the goal of improving product performance, enhancing industrial manufacturing capacity, and saving energy and resources.

(2)Optimize the process and improve product quality. Combining computer technology with the physical metallurgical process of plastic deformation, the plastic deformation process can be simulated in a purposeful and controllable manner. Numerical simulation methods can be used to easily study the influence of process parameters on the rolling process, to optimize the rolling process and improve The accuracy and performance of the product to provide a theoretical basis and practical means.

(3)Shorten the development cycle of new products and improve the tolerance of steel mills. Computer simulation research not only has low investment and short period but also can obtain a lot of information that cannot be obtained or difficult to obtain with experimental methods and can reproduce the change process of steel pipe deformation during tension reduction. The reduction and reduction of the deformation of steel pipes are very complicated. The material properties of steel pipe to vary greatly from the chemical composition, structure, temperature, and deformation process. The influence of friction, roll to pass, tension, and the evolution of the structure of the deformation processes had all become masters of the reduction process. Problems urgently need to be solved by law. Therefore, for the tension reduction process, the development of a three-dimensional thermal-mechanical coupling rigid-plastic finite element virtual simulation integrated system for the steel pipe reduction process can effectively predict the shape of the steel pipe product, the temperature change during the deformation process, the evolution of the structure, and the structure of the final product. The shape is of practical significance in shortening the development cycle of new products and improving the resilience of steel mills.




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