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The principle of anti-corrosion steel pipe

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Coating anti-corrosion is an average dense coating formed on the surface of the rust-removing metal pipe, and its coating can isolate it from various corrosive media. Steel pipe anti-corrosion coatings are increasingly using composite materials or composite structures. These materials and structures must have good dielectric properties, physical properties, stable chemical properties, and a wide temperature range.

Exterior wall anti-corrosion coating: the type and application conditions of the outer wall coating of the pipeline. Inner wall anti-corrosion coating This film is applied to the inner wall of the pipeline to avoid corrosion of the pipeline, reduce frictional resistance and increase the dosage. Commonly used coatings are amine cured epoxy and polyamide epoxy with a coating thickness of 0.038 to 0.2 mm. To ensure that the coating adheres firmly to the pipe wall.

The inner wall of the tube must be treated externally. The same material has been used to coat the inner and outer walls of pipes since the 1970s, enabling simultaneous coating of the inner and outer walls of the pipe. Anti-corrosion and thermal insulation coatings are used on small and medium-diameter heat transfer crude oil or fuel oil pipelines, to reduce the heat dissipation from the pipeline to the soil.

A composite layer of thermal insulation and anti-corrosion is added to the outside of the pipeline. The commonly used thermal insulation material is rigid polyurethane foam, and the applicable temperature is the soft texture of this material. To increase its strength, a high-density polyethylene layer is applied on the outside of the insulation layer to form a composite structure to avoid open water penetration into the insulation layer




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