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The purpose of pigging steel pipelines

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1) Natural gas steel pipelines in operation: Remove accumulated water, light oil, methane hydrate, iron oxide, carbide dust, carbon disulfide, hydrosulfuric acid, and other corrosive substances inside the pipeline; reduce corrosion damage to the inner wall of the steel pipeline caused by corrosive substances; Redefine the direction of the pipeline; detect pipeline deformation; check the integrity rate of valves along the line; and reduce the working back pressure.

2) Crude oil pipelines in operation: pipeline cleaning before inspection, low-volume intermittent operation pipeline cleaning, and removal of condensate, wax, and scale inside the pipeline to reduce oil transmission back pressure, reduce friction, and reduce The purpose of oil delivery temperature.

3) Chemical materials and edible oil pipelines: Clean polymeric material pipelines, isolate different pipeline transport media to achieve single-pipe multi-variety transport, and measure pipeline transport media.




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