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The real difference between plastic-coated steel pipe and plastic-lined steel pipe

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Definition of basic concepts:
Plastic-coated steel pipe, intuitively speaking, is an innovative material that achieves corrosion resistance, wear resistance, and rust resistance by applying a plastic coating on the surface of the steel pipe. In contrast, plastic-lined steel pipe adopts an internal strengthening strategy, nesting a plastic layer inside the steel pipe to achieve a similar protective effect.

Material revelation:
The base material of plastic-coated steel pipe is mostly made of high-quality steel, such as Q235B, Q345B, and other models, which ensures the stability of the basic structure. As for plastic-lined steel pipe, it cleverly combines the advantages of internal and external materials. The inner layer of plastic is usually made of corrosion-resistant materials such as polyethylene (PE) and polyvinyl chloride (PVC), while the outer layer can be covered with polyethylene, polyvinyl chloride, and even epoxy resin (EP), further broadening the scope of application and environmental adaptability.

Process exploration:
The manufacturing process of plastic-coated steel pipe involves delicate process steps, including hot-dip galvanizing to increase the initial protective layer, followed by primer and topcoat spraying, and layer-by-layer reinforcement. The preparation of plastic-lined steel pipes begins with professional pretreatment of the inner wall of the steel pipe, followed by precision coating of the outer wall to ensure the perfect fit of the plastic layer and the steel pipe.

Application field analysis:
Plastic-coated steel pipes shine in the fields of construction, agriculture, and industry with their excellent performance, and have become an ideal choice for water supply and drainage systems, gas transmission, and wire and cable protection. Plastic-lined steel pipes have a place in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries with their unique advantages, especially in acid and alkali transportation and gas storage systems, showing efficient application value.

Pros and cons:
The advantages of plastic-coated steel pipes are their excellent corrosion resistance, wear resistance, and high compressive strength, while the disadvantages are relatively high-cost investment. Plastic-lined steel pipes attract users with their affordable prices and convenient installation characteristics, but their corrosion resistance is slightly inferior.

Comprehensive review:
In summary, plastic-coated steel pipes and plastic-lined steel pipes have their characteristics, and their applicable scenarios and conditions are different. The key to the right choice is to deeply analyze the needs and operating environment of the specific project, and make the most appropriate decision based on this. I hope that through the detailed analysis of this article, I can help you have a more thorough understanding and grasp of these two key industrial materials!




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