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The role of steel concentric reducer

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The steel concentric reducer is its connection form, which is directly butt-welded with the reducer and the steel pipe, and the steel is hot-pressed or forged. Classification: pushing, pressing, forging, casting. Corresponding to the steel concentric reducer, there are also eccentric reducers, and the materials are carbon steel, alloy steel, and stainless steel.

Steel concentric reducers are generally used for the connection. For example, the concentric reducer at the outlet of a centrifugal pump is to connect the pipeline to the inlet and outlet of the pump. The inlet is generally larger and smaller, and the outlet is generally smaller and larger.

The steel concentric reducer mainly has the following functional characteristics: 1. When the flow rate of the fluid in the pipeline changes, such as increasing or decreasing, and the flow rate requires little change, the reducer is required. 2. Enter the inlet of the pump, to prevent cavitation. 3. At the joints with instruments, such as flowmeters and regulating valves, to cooperate with the joints of the instruments, different diameter pipes are also required.




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