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The specific method of three cloth and five oil anti-corrosion steel pipe

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The processing of the outer anti-corrosion layer of the steel pipe must be strict to the design requirements and relevant national standards. The rust removal must reach Sa2.5 level, and the primer must be applied within 2 hours after the rust removal is completed. Every time a glass cloth is processed, a layer of epoxy coal tar is applied, and the second anti-corrosion must be performed after it is dry. Otherwise, the anti-corrosion layer will be easily damaged during transportation and installation, and the quality of the anti-corrosion layer will directly affect the direct burial. the service life of the pipeline. After the anti-corrosion layer is finished, the thickness and adhesion of the anti-corrosion layer must be sampled according to the regulations, so that the appearance is smooth, without wrinkles and bubbling, and the glass cloth mesh is all filled with paint. Finally, the anti-corrosion layer is electrically inspected with an electric cremation leak detector, and the leak detection voltage is 3000 volts.




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