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Three connection methods of spiral steel pipe

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1: Flange connection:

Generally, the flange connection speed is fast, the construction is convenient, and the tools are simple, but in terms of safety and sealing, it cannot meet most engineering requirements. Generally, pipes with low pressure and frequently used pipes are suitable for this connection method, such as sludge discharge pipes. Wait

2: Groove connection:

Also known as clamp connection technology, it has become the first technology for connecting liquid and gas pipelines. Although this technology was developed later in China than abroad, it was quickly accepted by the domestic market due to its advanced technology. The application of grooved pipe connection technology makes the complex pipe connection process simple, fast, and convenient. A big step forward in plumbing technology. Grooved connection pipe fittings include two major categories of products: ①The pipe fittings that play the role of connection and sealing include rigid joints, flexible joints, mechanical tee, and grooved flanges; ②The pipe fittings that play the role of connection transition include elbows, tees, Cross, reducer, blind plate, spiral welded pipe, etc. The groove connection pipe fittings that play the role of connection and sealing are mainly composed of three parts: sealing rubber ring, clamp, and locking bolt. The rubber sealing ring located on the inner layer is placed on the outside of the connected pipe and is in line with the pre-rolled groove, and then a clamp is fastened on the outside of the rubber ring, and then fastened with two bolts. Due to the unique sealable structure design of the rubber sealing ring and the clamp, the groove connection has good sealing performance, and with the increase of the fluid pressure in the pipe, the sealing performance is correspondingly enhanced. 

3: Clamp pipe connection:

As an advanced pipeline connection method, it can be either exposed or buried, including steel joints and flexible joints. Therefore, it has a broad scope of application. It can be used in the fire water system, air conditioning cold and hot water system, water supply system, petrochemical pipeline system, thermal power, military pipeline system, sewage treatment pipeline system, etc.

The connection characteristics of the spiral steel pipe, the groove connection makes the pipe connection simple, which is beneficial to the construction safety, the system stability is good, the maintenance is convenient, and the labor and time are saved, so it has good economic benefits. With a clamp connection, although the price of a single part of the clamp is higher, the overall benefit of the entire pipe network installation is higher than that of a flange connection.




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