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Types of line pipe

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Common line pipes are mainly divided into welded steel pipes and seamless steel pipes. Welded steel pipes are line pipes connected by electric fusion and electric welding. Generally speaking, the length is longer, which can meet the large-scale use of users, but the stability is not as good as that of muddy pipes. One-piece seamless steel pipe, but the length of seamless steel pipe is generally relatively short, which cannot meet the long-distance use of consumers. Consumers need to use the two together during use.

In addition to this main classification, line pipes can be divided into three grades according to their grades, which are low temperature-resistant, medium temperature-resistant, and high temperature-resistant products. The grades here are divided according to the high-temperature resistance of pipeline pipes. The higher the value, the better the performance of the line pipe, the safer it is to use, and the better it can meet the needs of users. In addition, there are many types of line pipes, which can meet the needs of consumers at different levels. If consumers have needs, they need to determine in advance which specification product they should choose to meet their own needs.




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