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What are the benefits of hot-dipped plastic steel pipes

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1. The superior antistatic performance of hot-dip plastic steel pipe: through the addition of antistatic agents in the formula, the internal and external surface resistance can reach and exceed the relevant national industry standards.

2. Flame retardant properties of hot-dipped plastic steel pipes: the plastic raw materials used in the product are added with flame retardants. Its flame retardant performance index meets the national standard, and its steel-plastic composite structure has better flame retardant performance than pure plastic pipes and is suitable for underground flammable and explosive places.

Hot-dipped plastic steel pipe products are made of high-quality steel, with high mechanical strength, strong pressure bearing capacity, excellent electrical insulation performance, high hardness and smooth inner and outer surfaces, small friction coefficient, good flame retardancy, low water absorption (less than 0.003%), and low operating temperature. Wide range (-40°C~120°C) and other advantages. Combining the advantages of high-quality steel pipes and nano-coatings, it is widely used in the construction of pipeline systems in various regions such as electric power, communications, transportation, municipal, mining, petroleum, and chemical industries.




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