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What are the Causes of Stainless Steel Tube Fracture?

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I accidentally discovered that the roadside stainless steel protective fence cracked! The main thing as a stainless steel pipe protective fence is safety. Once the stainless steel pipe cracks, its protection performance will be greatly reduced, but why does the stainless steel welded pipe crack, how do we want What about prevention?

Stainless steel welded pipe is welded by steel plate. Weld cracking is usually caused by excessively polished weld seam, making the weld seam too thin. Cracking caused during processing is a quality problem. This is not a qualified stainless steel welded pipe. If you don't use it, you can't find this problem. Generally, this problem is only found after use, so it also brings a little trouble to our lives.

Choosing a stainless steel tube with nitrogen protection is a good way to prevent it. Generally, stainless steel tubes without nitrogen protection are easy to rust, and the tube is easy to crack. The relative nitrogen is more stable, and the protection of the inner weld bead is more thorough. It can also reduce the chance of pipe rusting.




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