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What are the functions of the structural composition of 3PE anti-corrosion steel pipelines

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3pe anti-corrosion steel pipeline is a relatively advanced anti-corrosion technology in recent years. Its full name is fused epoxy/extruded polyethylene structural protective layer. The structure of the 3pe anti-corrosion steel pipeline consists of the following three layers: the bottom layer is fused epoxy; the middle layer is Adhesive; the facing is extruded polyethylene.

In the three-layer structure, the main functions of the epoxy primer are: forming a continuous coating film, directly bonding with the surface of the steel pipe, with good chemical resistance and anti-cathodic disbanding performance; and the active group of the interlayer adhesive The reaction forms a chemical bond, which ensures that the overall anti-corrosion layer has good adhesion at higher temperatures. The middle layer is usually a copolymer adhesive whose main component is a polyolefin, and vinyl copolymer adhesive is widely used at present. The polar functional group of the copolymer adhesive and the epoxy group of the epoxy primer can react to form hydrogen bonds or chemical bonds, so that the middle layer and the bottom layer can form a good bond; the non-polar ethylene part and the surface layer polyethylene have Good affinity, so the middle layer and the surface layer also have good bonding properties. The main function of the polyethylene surface layer is to play the role of mechanical protection and anti-corrosion, which has the same effect as the traditional two-layer structure polyethylene anti-corrosion layer.




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