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What are the requirements for stainless steel fluid pipes

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Stainless steel fluid pipesare used to transport fluid substances and are used in food, pressure vessels, industrial transportation and other industries. The pipelines used to transport fluids have very high requirements for the process. The most critical points are:

1. Requirements for pipe material: Due to the impact force on the pipe wall when conveying objects, there are certain requirements for compressive performance; the compressive strength of 304 stainless steel pipe is as high as 515Mpa or more, which has good compressive resistance.

2. Surface finish: Polish the inner and outer surfaces of the stainless steel pipe to make the surface of the pipe bright; that is, the mirror surface we often say. The main purpose is to prevent the fluid material in the tube from forming a wall in the tube, which is easy to contaminate and causes blockage in the tube after a long time. We master the core technology of the polishing process, and the surface roughness of pipe fittings can reach 0.008μm.

3. Passivation layer: After polishing, the steel pipe needs to be put into the passivation tank for immersion, and the surface of the steel pipe is oxidized with an acidic passivation solution to form a passivation layer so that the stainless steel pipe can achieve the effect of anti-corrosion. We have a professional chemical reagent blender who monitors each process in real-time to ensure that the pipe fittings can be thoroughly pickled and passivated without damaging the workpiece.

4. Oil-free degree: After passivation is completed, oil-free cleaning is carried out to remove the oil pollution on the surface of the steel pipe. After completion, it needs to be checked with a grease analyzer. The main purpose is to prevent the oil pollution of the pipe wall itself from contaminating the fluid substances in the pipe.




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