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What Can Be Considered A "high-quality" Plastic-coated Steel Pipe

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Plastic-coated steel pipes have the dual advantages of steel pipes and plastic pipes. They have the mechanical strength and pressure-bearing strength of steel pipes, as well as the smooth inner wall of non-metallic pipes, wear resistance, strong corrosion resistance, low water flow resistance, and environmental protection. With the progressive development of my country's pipe industry, a variety of plastic-coated steel pipes of varying quality have appeared on the market. So what kind of plastic-coated steel pipes can be called "high quality"?

1. Double-layer coating. Double-layer coating means that the coating has a composite coating structure, the bottom layer is an anti-corrosion coating, and the surface layer is an anti-mechanical damage coating. Although the materials are the same, the material properties are quite different. Double-layer coating brings out the characteristics of the material and makes the function more perfect.

2. Touch, smell, and pinch once. Feel the texture: rough particles are probably mixed with magazines; smell: the main material of plastic-coated steel pipes is polypropylene, and good pipes have no smell; pinch hardness: the hardness of plastic-coated steel pipes is better, and it is not easy to pinch It will deform if you pinch it.

3. For plastic-coated steel pipes, water supply and drainage professionals, often just use the pipes without asking anything else. The problem with plastic-coated steel pipes is not entirely to produce qualified products. In addition, there are also service issues. , such as repairing and recoating plastic-coated steel pipes.

4. Price advantage. In the current pipe market, the price advantage is strong market competitiveness, even higher than quality. The price of plastic-coated steel pipes can be the same as that of galvanized steel pipes, and high quality and price can increase market share.




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