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What is the difference between a seamless steel pipe and a welded steel pipe

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1. The name coverage is different. According to different forming methods, steel pipes can be divided into welded steel pipes and seamless steel pipes. Precision steel pipes are included in welded steel pipes or seamless steel pipes, and their coverage is smaller. Precision steel pipes are steel pipes that are defined only by their tolerance size, smoothness, roughness, and other technical requirements coefficients.

2. The molding methods cover different scopes. Precision steel pipes are generally formed by cold rolling, and the processing technology can often control high precision and high finish. Seamless steel pipes generally refer to steel pipes formed by hot rolling and perforation of round steel. If the tolerance, smoothness, roughness, and other requirements are not specified, it often defaults to general hot-rolled or cold-drawn seamless steel pipes.

3. The main characteristics of precision steel pipes are high precision, good smoothness, and excellent surface quality. Precision steel pipes can be seamless steel pipes, but seamless steel pipes are not necessarily precision steel pipes. This mainly depends on the dimensional accuracy, surface roughness, smoothness, etc. of the steel pipe.

4. Ordinary seamless steel pipes often refer to hot-rolled or cold-drawn seamless steel pipes with no special surface requirements. The surface of steel pipes is often dark brown, accompanied by oxide scale or relief.

5. Different application scopes. Precision steel pipes can often be directly used in mechanical parts, automobile and motorcycle parts, precision instruments, aviation, aerospace, and other fields with high precision requirements. Ordinary seamless steel pipes are often used as raw materials in the field of machining and as fluid pipes and gas pipes in the chemical industry, electric power, and other fields.

6. The steel pipe diameter size covers different ranges. Seamless steel pipes are often of national standard large, medium, and small diameters, and there are many large and medium diameters in stock. Precision steel pipes are mostly of small and medium diameters, among which small-diameter precision steel pipes are widely available in stock.

7. Steel pipe customization requirements are different. The tolerance requirements for seamless steel pipes only need to meet the national standard. The minimum order quantity for hot rolling is often higher. The general minimum order quantity ranges from dozens of tons to hundreds of tons according to different calibers. Precision steel pipes have higher tolerance requirements and generally need to be customized according to the customer's tolerance range requirements. The minimum order quantity is flexible, ranging from a few tons to dozens of tons depending on the processing accuracy and caliber size.

To sum up, there are differences between precision steel pipes and seamless steel pipes in terms of name coverage, forming method coverage, accuracy and surface quality, application scope, caliber size coverage, customization requirements, etc. Understanding these differences is important for proper selection and use of steel pipe.




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