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What is the difference between ERW welded steel pipe and ordinary welded steel pipe

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"ERW welded steel pipe" is a straight seam electric resistance welded pipe, abbreviated as ERW steel pipe. It is used to transport oil, natural gas, and other vapor-liquid objects, which can meet various requirements of high and low pressure, and currently occupies a pivotal position in the field of transportation pipes in the world.

1. Ordinary welded steel pipes refer to ordinary "submerged arc welded steel pipes", which are represented by "SC" in electrical engineering. They can be used as water and gas pipes or as threading pipes, which are relatively thick.

2. The line pipe is also the wire pipe, which is relatively thin. It is represented by "T" and can only be used for threading pipes.

3. The ERW steel pipe is a "high-frequency resistance welded steel pipe", which is different from the welding process of ordinary welded pipes. The welding seam is formed by melting the base metal of the steel strip body, and its mechanical strength is better than that of ordinary welded pipes.

ERW steel pipe stands for resistance welding. Resistance welding has the characteristics of high production efficiency, low cost, material saving, and easy automation. Therefore, it is widely used in various industrial sectors such as energy, electronics, automobiles, and the light industry. It is an important welding process.




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