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What to prepare before steel pipe welding

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Welding equipment: ZX7-400-3 welding machine is used for root welding; multifunctional automatic steel pipe welding equipment is used for filling and capping.

Welding materials: φ3.2 E6010 cellulose electrode is used for root welding; Lincoln E81T8-G φ2.0 flux-cored self-shielded welding wire is used for filling and covering the surface.

Bevel cleaning: Before grouping, bevel cleaning should be performed first. Use an angle grinder or an electric wire brush to remove oil, rust, water, and other contaminants within 25mm of the groove and the edges of the front and back sides until all metallic luster is exposed.

Nozzle group pair: Nozzle group pair directly affects the quality of root welding, and must be carried out in strict accordance with the welding process parameters, control the blunt edge of the groove within the range of 0.5 ~ 2.0mm; The top is 2.5mm and the bottom of the nozzle is 3.5mm.




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