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Which environments are large diameter steel pipes suitable for

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1. Petrochemical: Crude oil, refined oil, petrochemical raw material, and finished product delivery pipes and oilfield pipe network.
2. Natural gas: submarine and onshore long-distance pipelines; gas pipelines at gas receiving stations; gas fields and urban natural gas pipeline networks.
3. Coal: transportation of coal, coal water slurry, etc.
4. Structural categories: steel pipe pile curtains for wharves; steel pipes for high-rise buildings and bridge structures; structural steel pipes for offshore platforms.
5. Other categories: tap water transportation; power plant intake and drainage pipelines and high-pressure pipelines.

The application of large-diameter steel pipes has already started in various industries in our country. Since the anti-corrosion tape has been designed on the ground pipe, the anti-corrosion project does not need to consume too much effort. The stability of the pipeline itself is very important in the process of transporting water, gas, petroleum, chemical raw materials, etc. If the pipeline corrodes during use, it will cause relatively large interference to the medium. At present, the manufacture of environment-friendly large-diameter steel pipes has successfully solved this problem. It reduces the risk of pipeline use, ensures the stability of oil and gas transportation, and can effectively prevent corrosion.




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