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Why are large-diameter steel pipe mostly welded with steel

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1. The use of large-diameter stainless steel pipe can be divided into oil well pipes (casing pipes, oil pipes, and drill pipes, etc.), pipeline pipes, boiler pipes, mechanical structure pipes, hydraulic prop pipes, gas cylinder pipes, geological pipes, chemical pipes (high-pressure chemical fertilizers) pipes, petroleum cracking pipes) and ship pipes, etc.

2. The thicker the wall thickness of the solution, is more cost-effective and sensible, and the thinner the wall thickness, its processing cost will appreciate greatly;

3. From the process of the product determines its limitations, from the low precision of general seamless steel pipe: uneven wall thickness, low brightness tube appearance, high cost of fixed length, and in the appearance of pitting, black spots are difficult to bring Walk;

4. Detection and plastic must be processed offline. So it's a higher pressure, higher strength, mechanical structural wood that reflects its superiority.

5. The corrosion resistance of large-diameter stainless steel welded pipe depends on the alloy components contained in the steel. Chromium is a basic component of corrosion-resistant stainless steel. About 12% of chromium in steel, chromium interacts with oxygen in the corrosive medium and forms a thin oxide film (passive film) matrix on the steel surface to avoid further corrosion of steel. To remove chromium, common alloy components of stainless steel seamless steel tubes you will find nickel, molybdenum, titanium, niobium, copper, nitrogen, etc. To meet the specifications of the different use of stainless steel structure and performance. Reducers, and steel pipe fittings, are widely utilized in various industries to provide the flexibility to connect joined sections of pipe in several installations. A reducer can connect two pipes of different diameters with one fitting. Tube reducers are readily available within imperial and metric sizes depending on the commodity fittings produced about end-use.




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