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Why do boiler pipes often bend a section

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If this elbow is not required for layout (may touch the equipment, limited height, or touch other pipelines), it generally plays the role of pipeline layout. This mechanism is present in civil heating pipes, boiler pipes in power plants, and heat pipes in iron and steel chemical plants. To make it like this is caused by the material of the pipe itself and its installation requirements.

On the one hand, the pipeline is divided into two states: working state and cold state. One has a high temperature, and the other is approximately equal to the ambient temperature. The metal material has better thermal expansion and contraction characteristics. The higher the temperature, the longer the expansion length. . On the other hand, to ensure certain stability of the pipeline, a bracket is required to hold it up, one of which is the so-called fixed bracket.

Natural compensation (that is, only expansion bends without expansion joints) should be used on boiler pipelines to eliminate the stress caused by pipeline expansion, and expansion joints at high temperatures are expensive and easily damaged over time. There is more than one way to relieve stress from pipe expansion, but expansion bends are routine and inexpensive.




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