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Screened Steel Pipe

Type: Slotted Liner, Perforated Pipe, Bridge Slotted Screen Pipe, Wedge Wire Water Screen Pipe
Application: For horizontal wells, water treatment, paper making industry, etc.
OD: 51-508mm WT: 67-508mm L: 2-19
Standard: API SPEC 5L, ASTM A53, ASTMA252, EN10219, EN10217, JIS G3444, AS1163
Ends: Square Cut/Threaded, Burr Removed,
Surface: Bare, Lightly Oiled,
Packing: Bundled/In Bulk, Plastic Caps Plugged, Waterproof Paper Wrapped


Wedge Wire Water Screen Pipe
Screen SizeInside DiameterOutside DiameterOD of Female Threaded End
512512 5/8672 3/470
763763 5/8923 3/495
10241024 5/81174 3/4121
12751275 5/81435 3/4146
15261526 5/81687    178
20382038 5/82199 1/4235
2541025410 3/427311 3/8289
3051230512 3/432413 3/8340
35613 1/833314    356//
4061538116    406//
50818 3/447620    508//


Products description 

Screen Pipe: 

Slotted Liner 

Perforated Pipe

Bridge Slotted Screen Pipe

Wedge Wire Water Screen Pipe


Main Usage:

Slotted Liner

The slotted liner is mainly used to the water and oil reservation layer without much sand. It’ s function is prevent rock bits dripping into the well bore. The working principle is allowing the certain size and coming through the surface with crude oil but keeping the bigger size sand stopped outside to form sand bridge, and thereby achievement the anti-sand purpose. This type of produce is commonly used to sand rock and catbonate reservoir and especially useable for horizontal wells.


Perforated pipe

Carbon steel perforated pipes manufactured with carbon steel or stainless steel.

We can drill standard or customized hole size in any number and any pattern. Every joint perforated by us is deburred internal and external. Every hole is visually inspected and cleaned of burr material.


Bridge Slotted Screen pipe

Bridge slotted screen pipe is a new product which is composed of central tube, precise punched slotted screen jacket and stainless steel ring. It has characteristics such as exquisite controlled hole. High percentage of open area, strong integral strength , resistant to deformation to corrosion and high reliability et.


Wedge Wire Water Screen Pipe

Wedge wire water screen pipe can be made single layer or double layers. The single layer can b cut to many kinds of sieve plate. The Sieve plate mainly used for water treatment and paper making industry.

 Slotted Liner, Perforated pipe, Bridge Slotted Screen pipe, Wedge Wire Water Screen Pipe